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This 2018 Hyundai Kona Korean SUV debuts at the same time as the new Hyundai, his cousin the Kia Stonic (based on a different platform despite its close measurements). 2018 SUVs have become more civilized, to the point of 2018 SUVs now presenting minimal differences from sedans. If you are thinking about getting one of these magnificent 2018 SUVs, then the following will help you with your research. You can also check out your Boulder Hyundai dealer serving Boulder Longmont Loveland to learn more. With this SUV, Hyundai continues to fill the few remaining holes in its range. The 2018 Hyundai Kona has come to tackle the segment of the urban SUV, where manufacturers will soon be in full force. Please remember, this article was written to help you research and learn more about this SUV, so that you may visit your Boulder Hyundai dealer serving Boulder Longmont Loveland and make the right decision.

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Finally, beyond simple comparisons, it is primarily designed that show the advantages of this SUV. According to Hyundai, more buyers in this segment of urban SUVs choose their model for their style. Whether compared to its counterparts or the rest of the range, it also manages to show real originality with its look and its prominent wheel arches, encompassing part of the headlight blocks. There is no doubt that this strong personality will find its followers in a segment where design is at the top of the buying motives.

Boulder CO - 2018 Hyundai Kona Exterior


The rear roominess is in the right range, whether with the leg length, roof space or central space, just as is found with most models of this category. This sobriety, however, goes hand in hand with a straightforward ergonomics and satisfactory perceived quality: a broad foamed band within reach of the finger and, on both sides, plastics that are unquestionably rigid but pleasantly matted and grained, with a rigorous assembly. In this regard, the competition remains out of reach thanks to the sliding seat, a vestige of its ancestors. The touchscreen is 8 inches. With its easy access, the trunk is slightly taller than that of the earlier models and offers a flat floor when the seats are folded. It is not only by its interior volume that the 2018 Hyundai Kona makes a difference.

Boulder CO - 2018 Hyundai Kona Interior

The range of this SUV is articulated around three finishes. The endowment is rather rich, from the first level "Intuitive," which includes android auto and apple car play, a regulator, seventeen-inch wheels, a reversing camera, seven-inch touch screen, automatic air conditioning, automatic ignition of the lights, fatigue detection, or a leather steering wheel. Unlike the total look of a Nissan Juke, we do find the car is daring on board, where the fantasy of the SUV comes through with the inserts and colorful stitching. "Edition # 1", adds a head-up display, plastic wing protections, navigation, induction telephone charging, a Krell audio system, keyless access and start, and more. The "Executive" level also benefits from led lights, cross traffic alert, eighteen-inch wheels, heated leather seats, four point two onboard color computer, autonomous emergency braking, front parking assistance, and electrically adjustable monitoring of blind spots.

Boulder CO - 2018 Hyundai Kona Mechanical


The Kona (named after a district of Hawaii) counts in the first place on its strong silhouette, also taking advantage of an advantageous size. This size has also allowed us to note that the Kona suspension adjustment is, to say the least, firm. How is this SUV going to be noticed in this category that is more and more congested? Well, as soon as the potholes and other bumps are encountered, we then immediately feel a beneficial type of damping. As long as the asphalt is of good quality, it is also a treat to drive, the Korean being very agile, especially as the small engine does not weigh down the nose.


This SUV also provides more powerful engines than those of the Kia Stonic. If we place the SUV frontally against rivals, it measures up very well. In addition to a 1.6 turbo that will represent a tiny share of sales (associated exclusively with a dual-clutch gearbox and an AWD), the SUV is currently available with a three-cylinder 1.0 turbo and a six-speed manual gearbox. Also, remember that this SUV is entitled to a warranty with unlimited mileage, which does not exist elsewhere. Also, this SUV has more than its competitors on the first level of finish and is very well equipped.


Comfort, therefore, appears as a priority with this SUV. The sound characteristic of this SUV is never invasive, and the vibrations are well mastered, allowing flexible driving even in town. The suspension is firm, the steering is light but precise, and it is all pleasant and approaches the comfort/handling compromise you need. On the road as on the drawing board, the Kona prides itself on dynamism. If you want more comfort, you will have no choice: you will have to go up one level of finish. Bumps in the road do not manage to bother a driver of this SUV, with the presence of wheels that are 18 inches on the high end. No negatives can be found, and the start-stop system is easy to use. Therefore this SUV is discreet and responsive.


Now that you have studied each one of the elements outlined above, you may wish to correspond with your personal Boulder Hyundai specialists serving Boulder Longmont Loveland for assistance with research as well as recommendations related to this terrific mode of transportation.

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