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Vehicle Overview

Due to certain states, such as California, that have issued zero emission requirements, automobile manufacturers have been offering more battery-powered electric vehicles to meet the demand for eco-friendly automobiles. Hyundai has introduced a number of compact hatchbacks that are hybrid, plug-in hybrid, and total EV variants. However, the automobile manufacturer is also working with fuel cell technology, which resulted in the 2019 Hyundai NEXO Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle (FCEV).

Boulder CO - 2019 Hyundai NEXO Fuel Cell's Overview

This vehicle is innovative because it uses hydrogen power as an alternative to ZEVs. The 2018 Hyundai Nexo is similar to the Tucson because they are both compact crossover SUVs that offer two rows of seats, which can seat up to five adults. A review in Auto Blog stated the 2019 Hyundai NEXO Fuel Cell is impressive because the abundant element can easily transition to electricity on a grid-scale as well as in the fuel cell of a passenger automobile. If you want to review the NEXO Fuel Cell for yourself, take a test drive at an authorized dealer serving Longmont Loveland Boulder.

Boulder CO - 2019 Hyundai NEXO Fuel Cell's Exterior

2019 Hyundai NEXO Fuel Cell's Interior

The interior of the Nexo offers a two-spoke steering wheel, a push-button transmission system, a floating center stack, and two touchscreens that measure 12.3 inches. The screens are seamlessly integrated into the dash. The right screen is used for the infotainment system and navigation system, and the left screen displays the camera view of the side and rear of the vehicle when the turn signal is in use. The controls in the Nexo are the only interior features that compare to other models made by the manufacturer, as the vehicle has an appealing interior style of its own. The interior was also designed to give drivers and passengers ample space with full-width design elements. Behind the second row of seats, there is 30 cubic feet of cargo room that provides drivers with ample storage capacity.

Boulder CO - 2019 Hyundai NEXO Fuel Cell's Interior

2019 Hyundai NEXO Fuel Cell's Exterior

The exterior of the Nexo comes with a unique cascading grille and split headlights. The main headlights are located just below the LED daytime-running lights. In addition, the automated flush door handles give the vehicle a contemporary appeal, and 18-inch or 19-inch wheels are available on the Nexo(depending on which trim that you choose). The D-pillar roof buttresses significantly improve the aerodynamic performance. When it comes to size, the Nexo fits between the Santa Fe and the Tucson. The Nexo is 10.3 inches longer, 1.5 inches weirder, and 1.0 inches lower than the Tucson. In addition, its wheelbase is 5.9 inches longer than the Tucson.

Boulder CO - 2019 Hyundai NEXO Fuel Cell's Mechanical

2019 Hyundai NEXO Fuel Cell's Mechanical

The battery pack and fuel cell work in conjunction with one another to power an electric motor that can produce up to 161-horsepower and 291 pounds-per-feet of torque. When compared to the Tucson, the Nexo produces an additional 27-horsepower units and 20 pounds-per-feet of torque. Although fuel cell automobiles are not known to produce impressive speeds, the Nexo can go from zero-to-60 miles per hour in just 9.5 seconds, which is three seconds faster than the figure produced by the Tucson. To take the 2019 NEXO Fuel Cell for a test drive, we invite you to stop by Boulder Hyundai.

2019 Hyundai NEXO Fuel Cell's Powertrain

When it comes to the powertrain in the 2019 Nexo Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle, it is smaller and lighter to prevent excessive noise in the cabin. Fuel cell vehicles are known to be loud due to the nosies that are produced from the fuel cell compressions and cooling fans, which is why all the components of the engine were also made smaller. The powertrain has also been tested and can handle extreme temperatures as frigid as 20 degrees below zero and as hot as 120 degrees Fahrenheit. The powertrain delivers immediate power in a smooth, quiet, and efficient manner. To review the 2019 Hyundai NEXO Fuel Cell, take a test drive at Boulder Hyundai serving Longmont Loveland Boulder.

2019 Hyundai NEXO Fuel Cell's Safety

The Nexo has a plethora of active safety features that include advanced technology. The vehicle comes with a blind-spot monitoring system that monitors both sides of the vehicle with wide-angle cameras. The cameras will display the rear and sides of the vehicle on the touchscreen when the driver is changing lanes. There is also semi-autonomous features such as lane-following assist. With this feature, the vehicle is centered in a specific lane at speeds up to 90 miles per hour. There is also a highway-driving assist feature that uses mapping data to adjust speeds when needed. In addition, the 2019 Hyundai Fuel Cell comes with a remote park-assist feature that can park the car as well as operate with or without the driver. The manufacturer also added Level 4 autonomous drive technology to three of the Nexo trims. Level 4 autonomous drive technology can operate without driver intervention. These models can also be driven conventionally because the steering wheel and pedals stay functional. The autonomous Nexo trims were featured in a demonstration that was held during the PyeongChang Winter Olympics. The vehicles autonomously drove almost 120 miles from Seoul to PyeongChang.

The NEXO has much to offer consumers who are in the market for a vehicle that offers fuel cell technology. Several reviews have stated the model is an innovate breakthrough in the automotive industry, and drivers and passengers will be pleased with the smooth ride. If you want to test drive the NEXO, visit Boulder Hyundai serving Longmont Loveland Boulder.

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