Test Drive 2015 Hyundai Genesis near Longmont in Boulder CO

Test Drive 2015  Hyundai Genesis in Boulder near Longmont
2015 Hyundai Genesis

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Test Drive 2015  Hyundai Genesis serving Longmont CO

Completely redesigned 2015 Hyundai Genesis is is ready for a test  drive at your Boulder Hyundai dealer. You can see for yourself how  Hyundai has taken the solid Genesis concept to yet another level of  style and performance. The second generation Genesis is truly a  performance-driven automobile with all of the modern-day luxury  amenities discerning drivers look for. So come test drive the 2015  Hyundai Genesis at your Boulder Hyundai dealer, also serving  Longmont CO, to discover the refined power and performance in real-  world conditions, and take an up close and personal look at the  following components that make up an exceptional example of motoring  excellence. Test Drive 2015 Hyundai Genesis in Boulder serving  Longmont luxury drivers.



2015 Hyundai Genesis Interior

The interior of the  2015 Genesis is all about understated luxury. The leather  seats come with both heating and cooling options, making  them functional as well as comfortably stylish. The dark  contrast piping adds another level of seating  sophistication. The analog tachometer and speedometer  displays are uncluttered and vision friendly. The Genesis  comes with push button start that works in conjunction with  the proximity sensitive key fob. The key fob also allows for  easy access to the car. A simple press of the button on the  driver door handle allows access to the holder of the key  fob. To re-lock the car, another press of the button is all  that's required. The in-dash video display is also easy to  see. When the back-up camera is in use, guidance lines pop  up in the monitor, and the lines move to accommodate any  steering input that eases the process of maneuvers like  parallel parking, or backing out of a tight area. The cabin  is well isolated from outside road and other environmental  noises. The windows have a soft-close feature that slows to  closure to eliminate the thud sound that often occurs when  closing windows.



2015 Hyundai GenesisExterior

The exterior continues the understated  elegance theme with clean European-style lines. The mirrors  fold in when the vehicle is turned off, and fold out  automatically when accessed with the key fob. The exhaust  ports are integrated into the lower bumper making them  appear as a functioning part of the whole car rather than an  added on afterthought. The LED headlights put out ample  illumination, and the stylish integrated tail lights can be  easily seen by motorists following the vehicle. The 18 inch  polished aluminum wheels add to the sporty and elegant theme  of the vehicle. Nineteen inch wheels are available in the  V-8 model. The slightly longer wheelbase not only looks  good, it also makes the vehicle more stable when turning and  maneuvering. From the front grill to rear badge, the  stylistic lines of the Genesis makes it a true standout in  the premium class of cars.

2015 Hyundai Genesis Powertrain

The V-6 3.8 liter engine runs through an  eight-speed automatic transmission developed in-house at  Hyundai, and there is an all-wheel drive H-Trac feature for  the V-6 as well. There's also a V-8 option available.

2015 Hyundai Genesis Mechanical

The 2015 Genesis comes with a redesigned  electrical variable-ratio rack and pinion steering system  that also comes with a rack-mounted motor that makes the  steering even more responsive than earlier models. Improved  front end stiffness allows for more precise steering input,  especially when driving in sport mode. This makes the  relatively large size of the Genesis to be controlled easily  when driving on curvy roads, and the sport mode makes  driving fun as well. It's all controlled with a  leather-wrapped four spoke steering wheel that manages to  stay neatly uncluttered even though it has all the controls  needed to control everything from the sound system to the  windshield wipers mounted within and just outside its  circumference. The Eco mode allows for the most  fuel-efficient operation of the Genesis. Normal mode is good  for day to day operation without sacrificing performance.  The head-up display offers outstanding clarity that  communicates an abundance of car performance information as  well as speed limits and environmental conditions. The  driver assist feature helps nudge the vehicle back into the  proper lane if the driver strays into an oncoming traffic  lane. The nudge is communicated through the steering wheel  to inform the driver of the correction.


The 2015 Hyundai Genesis has an upgraded  high-tempered steel skeleton that, in addition to stabilized  handling, makes the cabin area even safer than earlier  models. The advanced restraint systems, combined with the  strengthened steel, make the 2015 Genesis one of the safest  cars on the road today. If you're thinking about a new car,  don't hesitate to come to your Boulder Hyundai dealer, serving Longmont CO, and give the state-of-the-art 2015  Hyundai Genesis a test drive. The comfortably elegant  interior, the stylistic exterior, the superior handling and  the exciting power train is waiting to be experienced. The  updated sporty yet refined look of the 2015 Hyundai Genesis  makes it stand out in the crowded field of today's premium  car class. As a great added bonus, the Genesis happens to be  the best deal on the road when compared to the usual  suspects in the premium car world.

*The above information is regarding t
he base model 2015 Hyundai Genesis.   Standard specs and features may change from year to year. Contact Boulder Hyundai with any questions regarding the new or used vehicle  you're inquiring about.